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The Q  Society™

Wine Club

We have a new club here at FUQUA Winery.  It is called the Q Society.
The Q Society is the quintessential club for special friends of the winery.

If you like FUQUA wines and you also like full bodied, rich tasting wines from around the world, then you will love our new wine club.


  •  Free to join
  •  Never a membership fee
  •  Convenient office or home delivery of our finest wines every other month
  •  Get 2 bottles on each shipment
  •  Fixed price of $39.95 plus shipping for each wine club shipment
  •  Exclusive event invitations*
  •  Enjoy up to 20% savings on all FUQUA wines**
  •  V.I.P. status at our winery
  •  Recipes and expert wine pairings
  •  Special offers on winery-exclusive wines from FUQUA Winery
  •  Access to pre-releases and special lots
  •  Quit for free at any time

For your safety, we do not want your information going over internet.
To join, please call Lee at 214-769-1147 or stop by the winery.
Thank you!


* FUQUA Winery V.I.P. events in the past have included:

  •  Attending a small New Year's Eve party with entertainment by Eric Clapton, Joe Walsh, Ringo Star and Pete Townshend, all in person

  •  Going on a wine cruise on Silversea's, Silver Shadow, rated the “World’s Best Small Ship” for a decade

  •  Sitting in a V.I.P. box at the Fort Worth Stock Show Rodeo immediately next to the Master of Ceremonies

  •  Spend a long weekend at Château de Régagnac in the French countryside

  •  Fly in a jet helicopter up to Clark's in Tioga for a BBQ dinner

We do not know if we will be doing any of these things again, but we are always doing something very unique and unusual.

**Q Society members get an extra 5% off all their purchases at the winery for up to 20% off.



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