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Quality not Quantity

As a small boutique winery, the only way we will ever be noticed is to produce some of the best wines on earth.  We decided long ago that ultra high quality wines needed to be the main focus of the company.  Our goal is to produce wines that are rich, concentrated and focused and have a long, lingering finish.  You might say that we specialize in making "wines with an attitude" and we do.

Our Philosophy on the Purpose of a Winery

Almost every winery in the United States is centered around a theme park-type existence.  Weddings, bar mitzvahs, art shows, banquets, auctions, outdoor concerts, shows, etc. preoccupy everyone at the winery to the point where the quality of the wine suffers. 

On the other hand, wineries in Europe concentrate on making the best wine possible and focus noticeably less on the "dog and pony show."  This is exactly what FUQUA Winery is all about - striving for perfection, perfection in our wines, and not the "side show." 

Our Philosophy on Winemaking

We are driven to produce even more world-class wines here in Texas.  Years ago, it was important to have the winery as close to the vineyard as possible, but not today.  With modern refrigeration and the speed of trucking, it is actually better to have the grapes delivered to the winery at a nice cool temperature.

Almost every winery in the United States cuts some corners.  We are committed to the pursuit of excellence, regardless of cost.  We would rather spend more time and money, to produce a world-class wine than to produce something less.  Anyone can produce a thin, light weak wine, with no nose, no taste and no flavor. 

"Serious wines for serious wine drinkers"  If you like big, rich, full wines that satisfy, you will like our wines. 

It is important to use the best, throughout the whole process.  If any one part of the whole system is weak then the resulting wine will not be the best.  A good example is our barrel program.  We use some French oak barrels for all of our wines.  We could buy only American oak barrels, but for the style of wine we want, some French barrels work much better.  The only drawback is, French barrels cost more than double American barrels, but you can taste the difference and it is a big difference.  

Many of the world's finest wines owe their share of character, complexity and quality to aging in small French oak barrels (59 gallons).  There are numerous variables when choosing a wine barrel.  Each wine style requires a different oak flavor.  The winemaker has the opportunity to choose the cooper, wood type, forest, grain, size of barrel and the toast.  The grain may be "open" or "tight", as can be seen in the illustrations below.  There are choices of barrel shape- Bordeaux (tall and narrow) and Burgundian (short and broad).  There is also a choice between thinner staved "Chateau" and the thicker staved "Export" barrels.

OPEN LIMOUSIN Limousin wood perfumes and colors the wine rapidly with little finesse. 
AVERAGE BOUGOGNE, NEVERS Bourgogne and Nevers wood gives a vanilla flavor and balance to the wine. 
TIGHT ALLIER, TRONCAIS The wood of Allier and Troncais releases its perfumes slowly, with finesse. 
EXTRA TIGHT VOSGES Vosges offers the finest of extra slow extraction.  We use copious amounts of wood from Vosges.

Vosges: wood from the Vosges forests in Alsace-Lorraine became popular with wine-makers outside the region in the early 1980s.  This wood has the tightest grain and otherwise resembles the oak from Nevers and Allier.  Oak experts say they can identify this wood by its `clear' or `white' color.  It is for long term ageing. 

The challenge is to build great, giant, powerful wines that will leave the consumer  breathless.  We would rather be known for making small quantities of immense, huge wines that rival any great wine on earth than producing millions of gallons of some thin, light "swill."  And besides, big powerful wines are what we really like to drink.

Big, bold wines are not for everyone, but they are for people who really love wine.  "We produce the wines that wine lovers love."  And we produce them in many assorted varieties.  


We use only the best, of the best - No shortcuts on any of our wines


It is our pledge to have the:

Best  concept
Best  ideas

Best  plan
Best  guarantee
Best  management
Best  strategic partners

Best  grape growers

Best  grapes
Best  winemakers
Best  equipment
Best  winemaking
Best  methodology
Best  barrels

Best  ageing
Best  bottles
Best  closures
Best  labels
Best  packaging
=  Some of the Best Wines made in America


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