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The Dallas Winery has been our dream for many years.  When we were making wine at the Little Winery in Sherman or at the Big Winery north of Bonham there was always a two to three hour commute every day.  This got very old after more than 15 years of doing just that. 

Now we have the new FUQUA Urban Winery right in the heart of Dallas.  Our home is very close to the winery.  Commute time is now less than two minutes.  Being so close to the winery allows us to stay right on top of all winemaking operations 24/7.  This definitely helps us make better wines. 

The new FUQUA Winery even has it's own landing strip; it is listed on the map as DAL or you might know it better by it's common name, Love Field.  Fly in any time and we will come pick you up.  Just give us a call.

Open daily, except Sunday

but we are sometimes in and out during the week.


The address is:

FUQUA Winery                    
3737Atwell Street                                                                                   
Suite 203                                                                        
Dallas, Texas 75209                                                           

  Click here for a map.  


           The winery building from Atwell Street                          One of the guards at the front gate


                               Building 200                                                         Suite 203

                          The tasting bar                                                       Tasting room

                  Julia at work in the Laboratory                                       Some barrels in the Winery


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