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Lee, LOVE YOUR WEBSITE! I can't stop reading and looking at pics.  Think I'll pop open a Fuqua Chard right now... it's almost 5 on Sunday... my favorite wine drinking hour!  Cheers!!  C.F.P.  Highland Park, TX.

"Well you did it!  That is to say made a silk purse out of a sow's ear.  I was really impressed with your wine.  In fact I had to use some judgment not to consume the second bottle right away."  J. P. Shreveport, LA.

"The amount of scrutiny and attention to detail that Lee gives to his current wine operations are impeccable.  No other winery I have visited has shown the same level of care to their finished product!"  G. D.  Tulsa, OK.

"Year after year Lee Foster Fuqua wins more medals than any other winemaker in the state of Texas."  A. F.  Dallas, TX.

"It is unfortunate that Fuqua's wines have been not available for sale.  We hope that someday we will be able to buy any of them, at any price."  G. R.  Dallas, TX.

"The country club would like to order 30 cases of the Chardonnay, if it were available commercially.  Let us know as soon as you are able to sell." C. E. Dallas, TX.

"Wow, we can't believe this wine was made in Texas."  T. W. L.  Napa, CA.

"Holy big guns.  This Merlot could last another 20 years."  J. J.  Dallas, TX.

"Layer after layer of incredible flavors.  We gave his Pinot Noir a 95."  W.S. 

"We can't wait until Lee Foster Fuqua becomes commercial.  He is going to put Dallas on the enology map of the world."  J. C.  Sherman, TX.

"Incredible depth.  One of the best reds I have ever had."  S. D.  Tulsa, OK.

"This Chardonnay is better than many great Burgundies I have had."  L. K.  Dallas, TX.

"I just visited your wine website.  Very nice and informative.  Hope to visit it again soon."  PK CHAI, N. Sembilan, Malaysia

"Compliments on your concept, and on the name of your complaints page!"  R. H. -  France In Your Glass


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