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Lee Foster Fuqua does all the winemaking at FUQUA Winery.  (see the winemaker button at left)  Julia Hagmann Fuqua serves as our Chief Financial Officer and advertising and marketing consultant.  Susan Shapiro writes copy for almost everything we have in print and proofs most of Lee's ramblings that you see here at the Web site.  Fuego Worldwide developed our corporate identity and designs our bottle labels. 

At the present time the tasting board comprises of Lee Fuqua and VIP members of the winery.  




FUQUA Wine Companies was founded by Lee Foster Fuqua for the purpose of establishing a facility for the production of truly world-class wines here in Dallas.  Lee is committed to producing balanced wines of great power and structure that complement and enhance fine food.  

The winery is now bonded and licensed to sell wine.  It continues to expand and upgrade its varietal grape supply and the wines it produces.  These fine wines, which feature extensive French and American oak barrel aging, classic varietals and vintage dating, are produced largely from grapes grown in the Carneros region of California, Napa Valley, Sonoma County and from the North Coast, Central Coast vineyards of California and from the Texas High Planes Appellation.  Some varieties like Pinot Noir and Riesling come from Washington and Oregon where the growing conditions are better for them.  The best grapes in Texas are hard to come by but when we can get them we use them as much as possible.





We currently have one label:

  • FUQUA Winery

We also will produce a number of small-lot, handcrafted, limited supply, high-end wines for the discriminating palate of the oenophile market.  These wines are expensive, but they are among the very best wines made anywhere in the world.



To be a profitably run company dedicated to producing world-class, finest quality wines and to educate the public about wine.


Marketing Overview

Our Marketing Plan is quite extensive.  In brief, the distribution of FUQUA Wines targets upscale restaurants and clubs, select retail stores in the North Texas area, visitors to our Web site (FUQUAWinery.com) and people on our own private mailing lists.




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